Soubor valašských písní a tanců VSACAN





­The Wallachian folklore ensemble VSACAN belongs to the oldest amateur groups in the Czech Republic. Since its founding in 1943, it has been a great promoter of the unique Wallachian culture in Czechoslovakia as well as an original guest of numerous international folklore festivals abroad. Its wide performing activities have also resulted in participating in many programmes on the Czech radio, television and even in the film industry.

Decades have gone by since its first international introduction at the Folk festival in Great Britain in 1956. And many countries have been toured by its globe - trotter members such as Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Egypt, Turkey, Lithuania, Spain, Italy, Greece, Hungary, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Anywhere, the folks have always represented their country and their roots well.


The group developed its activities in the town of Vsetin and brings on stage the folk dances, singing and traditions of the area - Moravian Wallachia. The folk art, interpreted by its musicians and dancers has deep origins in the traditions of the hilly people on the Moravian slopes of the Carpathian spur which calmed down its bulging might into the beautiful mountains of Beskydy and Javorniky. The ensemble passes over the traditions transformed in the art either in its original authentic shape or in various stage stylizations.

The VSACAN repertoire consists of rounding as well as figural dances, artisan dances, ancient dances, a solo male dance called "odzemek" - a rigorous dance and the Wallachian csardas.

The integral part of the ensemble besides its dancing section, is its dulcimer band. At the present time, led by the primas Mr Ludek Dobrovolny. The one of our members with a membership of fifty years! Mrs Zdenka Straskrabová - an excelent singer and interpreter of the Wallachian songs with awards from many festivals and competitions.

The general manager of the whole ensemble is Mr Miroslav Ekart.

The association representative of the whole ensamble is Mrs MUDr. Marta Orolínová.

The individual parts of the VSACAN association:

The Wallachian songs and dances ensemble VSACAN - ensemble Manager Miroslav Ekart
Artistic Manager SVPT VSACAN - Jakub Ekart
Choreographer and dance section leader - Jakub Ekart
The dulcimer folk band VSACAN - performs independently as well, although the part of the greater VSACAN - band leader Pavol Lambert
Senior´s dance group I.  - group leader Miroslav Ekart sr. and mrs. Dagmar Ruzickova
Senior´s dance group II. - group leader Oldrich Stroblik   
Senior´s dance group II. - group leader Michal Vasut