Soubor valašských písní a tanců VSACAN





The repertoire of the ensemble consists of whirling, figurative, and craftsman dances as well as old-time dances, a male solo dance called Odzemek and the Wallachian csardas. The performances are made of particular dances and music gigs from 10 to 120 minutes, according to the wish of the organizers.

Basic individual programmes

Easter - 30 minutes
The choreography consists of the Easter traditions - carrying out the straw-witch, walking of the boys with beaters and beat-barrows, plaiting of tartars, dancing with the Easter eggs and tartars.

Midsummer bonfires - 25 minutes
The programme consists of youth activities before and during the Midsummer bonfires - girls´ witching, boys´dance with the birchrods, jumping over the fire and dancing with the burning birches.

About Vojtek the Robber or the Robbed Waitress - 30 minutes
The choreography is based on the story called About robbers when they stayed at the Kleska Inn in Liptal and about that fat waitress Vojtek the Chief danced with, from Jan Kobzan´s book About the robbers and treasures.

Christmas - 25 minutes
A literary and musical programme of (pre)Christmas traditions

Most of the programme comes from the Wallachia region, especially fom Vsacko and Valasska Polanka and Luzna.

Our programming options

  • The whole ensemble performance
  • Individual concerts of the dulcimer band
  • Taking part at festivals, shows and folk feasts
  • Performing at balls
  • Dulcimer parties

The dulcimer performing is available with 6 or 9 musicians (including a solo female singer) or as a whole company up to 40 people.